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Digital Harmony Australia Pty Ltd is a music production company with our own recording studio based in Wahroonga, a suburb of northern Sydney. We are about the move to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Over the last 15 years I have worked as a management consultant in the music industry and managed acts.

I run this web site, a resource that offers free information about the music industry for artists and managers. In 1997 and 1998 I managed New Years Eve concerts for the ACT Government in the Civic Square of Canberra (Garema Place.) These were very successful being attended by 6,000 people in 1997 and 11,000 people in 1998.

I have played bass guitar and guitar since age 14 and have played in covers bands for about 7 years. I currently own a recording studio that can be seen on the My Studio page.

If you are looking to do some recording and are serious about doing a really good job on a couple of songs give me a call. I am especially good at producing female vocals. See the Services page for more information about what we do. Talk is cheap, what does my work sound like? See the My Studio page for links to songs I have produced.


The Internet has changed everything in the last few years. There is no "tried and true" road to success using the Internet and there probably never will be. The Internet is likely to be a place of endless innovation. The Internet has become a primary tool for musicians to start building the buzz for themselves.

having your own web site that allows you to collect a database of Name, e-mail address, Mobile number and location.

Putting good videos on


You should know heaps about the industry, but as soon as you can, limit yourself to being an artist. Read industry related web sites like this one, music business books from Immedia and the music business books you can buy from

Learn quite a bit about the industry, management and music marketing.

Initially you will have to do most of this stuff for yourself. You and your band will have to book the gigs, promote the act, organise every part of the CD and artwork etc.

Once you have a buzz going you have to find the best management you can to hand over control and concentrate on being an artist. Practice writing better songs, practice your instrument, do heaps of gigs, build your fan base, do radio interviews and be the face of your music marketing machine. By this time you know heaps about the business but you will do none of it.


The music industry is both a victim and a beneficiary of corporatisation and globalization especially in the English speaking world. This means that product produced by a few companies in Hollywood and New York account for about 70% of the total music sold in the world. These companies have massive market research and marketing budgets and employ some of the best marketing and production people in the world. The trick is to find your competitive advantages so the likes of you and me can compete with these global marketing machines.

If you have had trouble getting a deal with a major record company consider that Sony BMG knocked back Russell Crowe, the world famous actor, because they are were too busy with their existing acts to take on Russell. It is important to have a realistic appreciation of how hard it is to succeed in this industry, but it is not impossible.

Any plan that relies on 'sending stuff to record companies' is doomed from the start. This is more true today than ever before. A good plan involves building such a vibe that they come to you.

Usually to get a record deal in Australia as a you need to be famous from TV - Neighbours, Australian Idol or Home & Away OR build your own vibe using the Internet and playing live and leverage the activity around those gigs to build a vibe through coverage in the media.

We have studied the way many people in the industry have succeeded and how many have failed. There are common threads to stories of success and you can follow other people's path to success. At the same time you can avoid other's mistakes. Most of the advice you get from well meaning people is advice from people who have not been successful in the music industry. The result of this is that many commonly held beliefs about succeeding in the music industry are not true. In an effort to bring you high quality advice I have sought feedback from serious players in the industry. This includes artists who have had Top 10 records in Australia and USA, producers, record company A&R Managers and active managers and promoters.